Men's Basic Guide to Wearing the Right T-Shirt Colors

Men are usually not geared for fashion. It can be difficult for most to match men’s t-shirts with the appropriate clothing. It must match your pants, shoes, jacket, and other accessories. It must also complement your complexion and eyes. 

Fortunately, selecting a tee and an entire outfit that looks terrific does not have to be difficult. Simply follow these easy steps, and your style will be transformed from drab to spectacular in no time.

The Basic Principles

You can start easy before you get too deep into fashion. When it comes to looking good, you should understand color theory and how different colors interact (or don’t interact) with one another. 

Look at a color wheel, and it will serve as a helpful guide until you master the color schemes that best suit your style.

Color Combinations

You may concentrate on this strategy because it’s the most foolproof. Any hue that is directly opposite the other is said to be complementary. This indicates that these colors and their shades look nice together. 

For instance, any hue of red looks wonderful with green. Oranges and blues go along beautifully as well. Contrast makes complementary colors function effectively. Allowing different aspects of your attire to stand out produces a visually pleasing balance.

Similar Colors

Similar colors are hues on the color wheel that are next to each other. Any tint of indigo and teal would be considered blue. While analogous colors are the most harmonious, some contrast is required to avoid colors being too closely matched. 

Without a keen eye, things might quickly become messy. Also, make sure one color is the focal point while the other two are supporting colors.


As you may expect, this involves wearing a whole wardrobe in the same hue. Though it is possible to pull off, it is also easy to produce a look that is both monotonous and overbearing. If you’re new to putting together outfits, avoid this scheme unless you’re wearing black on black.

How to Pick the Colors of Your Shirt

Not all colors complement everyone’s skin tone, eyes, hair, and other features. Despite the fact that there are always exceptions, here are some general suggestions for choosing the correct color for you.

  • Skin Color: Remember that contrast is everything. The one hard and fast guideline is to avoid wearing clothing that closely matches your skin tone. Avoid lighter clothes like white, beige, pastels, and yellow if you have a light or pale complexion. 

These colors will make you look washed out. Darker colors, such as browns, dark reds, and violets, are ideal.

The opposite is true for darker complexion tones. If you use too many darker hues, your look can become muddy. However, anything bright will make you stand out.

You’re lucky if you have olive skin or fall anywhere in the middle. As long as you keep some contrast between your clothes and yourself, most colors should look beautiful against your skin.

  • Eye Color: Return to the color wheel to pick the correct colors to complement your eyes. Colors that complement your eye color will be placed next to it. If your eyes are green, a light blue or yellow will complement them perfectly.

Choose a complementary hue and rock the contrast if you really want to make your eyes pop.

Choosing a hue that complements your skin tone is a great method to plan out your wardrobe possibilities. It’s time to finally figure out what to wear now that you know how color theory works for clothing and for you.


Even the most stylish men will try on different color and apparel combinations before deciding what to wear on a night out. Few people are born with the sixth sense of possessing a magical fashion sense.

Experiment like the professionals. This does not necessarily imply that you must wear an outfit for the entire night to receive the desired feedback. Instead, stand in front of a mirror and mix and match the tees, buttons, jackets, and other items you’ve accumulated over the years.

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