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6 Tips on How to Look Professional While Wearing Graphic Tees to Work

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You may already know how to wear a graphic tee on the weekends or in your free time, but do you know how to wear it to work, too? To get the most out of your closet, you’ll want to consider how to wear a graphic tee with your office attire. With the right styling, you can nearly pull off any graphic top for an office-ready style with just the right personality. Read our best tips for wearing graphic tops at work on our blog today!

1. Opt for Layers

To make a graphic tee office-appropriate, you will want to layer a collared shirt or blouse over it. This adds more coverage and gives you a polished look. We recommend layering a long-sleeve button-up shirt. Try a chambray shirt, a white button-up, a striped button-up, or a classic blue or white button-up. You can also try a cardigan.

2. Go for Classic Silhouettes

The key to dressing your graphic tee up for work is to keep your overall look classic. Stylize the graphic tee with a nice pair of dress pants or a professional skirt and heels. We recommend keeping the rest of your look simple and opting for various classic staples to create a polished look. Avoid over-accessorizing your look with a big handbag, jewelry, and sunglasses. You want to keep your look grounded and simple so that your attention is on the graphic tee.

3. Wear with Complementary Tops

If you really want to add some personality to your look, choose a graphic tee with a complementary color scheme or pattern. This is especially great if you are working in a tight area with many coworkers or if you work in a conservative environment. You can wear blues and other cool colors for a minimalist look. For example, if you have a black and white graphic tee, try combining it with a solid blue blouse or cardigan.

4. Posh It Up with the Right Jewelry

If you want to bring a pop of color to your look, you can add some colorful accessories. Layer a statement necklace over your graphic tee, add a pop of color with a bright earring, or wear bold statement earrings.

5. Accessorize with Scarves and Wraps

Accessorizing your look with scarves and wraps is a great way to change up your look while keeping it professional. In addition to adding a pop of color, you can also use your scarf to cover up any parts of your top that you want to cover up. This is especially important if you work in an office where your office attire consists of sleeveless tops.

6. Dress Up to Impress

When you really want to look your best in your graphic tee, dress it up with heels, heels, and more! You get the best of both worlds: a fun, office-ready style and a professional look. The best dresses to wear with a graphic tee are evening dresses with a slit in the skirt and dresses with ruffles or a bow in the back.


Now that we’ve given you a few tips on wearing a graphic tee to work, you can really dress up your office attire! We’re pretty sure that you’ll love the new look you’ll be giving yourself with a graphic tee.

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