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5 Basic Fashion Tips to Style and Wear Graphic T-Shirts

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Perhaps the graphic tee isn’t everyone’s go-to stylish wardrobe piece. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish and fashionable with it! After all, fashion is all about mixing and matching, investing in the right items, as well as feeling good and looking confident. Yes, this is all possible with a graphic t-shirt.

Read on to discover these five basic fashion tips you can use to style and wear graphic t-shirts.

Style Tip #1: Find the Best Fit

When it comes to choosing a graphic shirt, the most important factor to consider is fit. It should not be too big or too long. You want something that is customized to your body type. Squeeze 1–2 inches of fabric on either side of your tummy (not pulled). It should end just below your hip, rather than below your back pocket. It is too long if it touches your buttocks.

Style Tip #2: Invest in the Right Pieces

There are graphic tees that are both good and bad. There are, however, some key components that make a t-shirt exceptional. 

By far the most important component is the message. Select a graphic that delivers a message or is simply a lovely image.

A high-quality graphic shirt is white or black in color, rather than brilliantly colored or tie-dyed. A colorful background would detract from the design's charm. This is usually because the sight already conveys everything. Meanwhile, a background of black or white eliminates distracting components, allowing you to focus solely on the graphic.

Style Tip #3: Do it in Layers

Layering your shirt is made easier with a simple black or white base. Jean jackets, pullovers, button-up shirts, blazers, and sports coats are all appropriate.

A graphic tee, no matter how casual it is, could very well be dressed up to a certain extent. A graphic tee works well with a suit. A white base, for example, looks great with a suit and a basic white sneaker. This approach of decorating graphic tees adds an artistic touch to the overall design.

This way, you are changing a suit by wearing it in an unforeseen manner. Combining formal and casual dress is a great way to combine both uniqueness and elegance.

Style Tip #4: Select the Proper Shoes

Casual shoes look well with graphic outfits. On the other hand, combining your creativity with a black Balmoral Oxford is a bad look. Thus, simply consider wearing a white or black minimalist sneaker to go with your outfit. That's how you can tell if a graphic or an outfit is unique. You can also wear derbies or Chelsea boots. Pair them with jeans rather than trousers to prevent an overdose of formality.

Style Tip #5: Incorporate a splash of color into graphic tees

With limitless possibilities, accessorizing your graphic shirt could be a lot of fun. Perhaps you could wear a gorgeous hat to exude majesty and sophistication. You can even pair your graphic shirt with a casual belt or watch band if it has a vivid color.


Now that you know these tips, you must then see how incredibly easy it is to style and wear graphic t-shirts. Yes, you could do this by investing in a well-fitting piece, matching it with the right color base, mixing it up with more elegant garments, wearing the right shoes for the occasion, and finishing it off with accessories. As you wear your graphic t-shirt with confidence, you can also strike the balance between style and comfort.

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